Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule:

6:00 AM – Quiet Play

7:00 AM – Stretching/ Morning Exercise/ Music Dance Party

8:00 AM – Yoga/ Pilates/ Brain Dance/ Mindfulness

9:00 AM – Circle Time/Reading Time/ Introduction of Daily Topic

10:00 AM – Snack/ Daily Poetry

11:00 AM – Art/ Good Manners

12:00 PM – Lunch/ Clean up After Lunch/ Good Hygiene

1:00 PM – Science/ Four Stations

2:00 PM – Learning Activity/ Reinforcement of Daily Topic

3:00 PM – Mindfulness/ Toys Clean Up/ Song

4:00 PM – Physical Education

5:00 PM – Dance/ Music

6:00 PM – Quiet Play


Our curriculum is centered around real life experiences. We DO NOT want children to be sitting around electronics to just entertain them with nothing else to do. Instead we draw from several non-technological based teaching styles to allow children to explore the world around them and have a balanced learning experience. The links above allow you to see the types of activities that we share with your children.


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